Visual Arts

Exhibition: Static @ Pallas Projects + Studios

Tonight from 6pm to 8pm sees the preview of Rebecca Dunne’s Static in Pallas Projects + Studios. Dunne is an artist who focuses on sound art, with her exhibitions frequently taking on immersive and interactive roles with their audiences. In Static we are advised that Dunne will present “a feature length picture available in surround sound”, which promises to continue and extend this narrative within her work.

The exhibition is due to continue Pallas’ recent pop-up show template and close this Saturday after a three day run – helping to firmly establish the immediacy and visceral nature of the works. Full details on Dunne’s work can be found online here, with details on Static itself available here.

How long can we look at one thing?
How long can we look when one thing is not one thing?
Is it still one thing when it is constantly moving?
Is it a breathing, meditative experiment?

Interrogating one fixed visual point with one printed image, and multiple, layered projected images, there are six points of sound to connect to in the space.
Put on the headphones,
look straight ahead,
and listen.


is the Arts Editor for The Thin Air. He's also a coffee fiend, architecture enthusiast and general messer.