• Irish Tracks of the Week – 19th May

    It’s been another stacked seven days on the new Irish music front. Here’s the best tracks and releases of the week, from Elaine Howley, Roger Doyle, Shiv, Swimmers Jackson & more Elaine Howley – Live As I Saw It Roger Doyle – Skin Care Swimmers Jackson – Borrow Sorrow Shiv – Heavy Water Anna’s Anchor – Hotel Dom Pancho Anderson Nightmare – Sleep Exhalers – Meat Clown MEAT CLOWN by Exhalers Drew Makes Noise – Hey Christian Cohle – Wetlands WETLANDS by Christian Cohle Stik Figa & The Expert – The Green Monster Stephen Shannon – Fathoms Sasha Samara –…

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – 25th November

    Aoife Wolf – The Wetlands EP Alpha Chrome Yayo – Tom Waits is There Tom Waits Is There by Alpha Chrome Yayo Meltybrains? – Space Ghetto Celica – Celica EP 02 Celica EP 02 by Celica AOIBHA – When You Hold Her Christian Cohle – Strength Constant Supply – I Keep Hitting Every Wall, Baby Lobotomy by Constant Supply I Have a Tribe – Teddy’s Song Driven Snow – Flickers of You Willzee – Eclipse   Photo credit: Aaron Cunningham

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – February 19th

    It’s safe to say it’s been another stacked week for world-beating Irish music. Here’s the very best of the lot, featuring tracks from Hannah Peel, Plaice, Elaine & Maykay x Daithi, Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra, New Pagans, HAVVK, Christian Cohle, Sal Dulu, Fya Fox and more. Plaice – Gabriel (Ascending) Hannah Peel – Evovocative Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra – I didn’t love you when I said I did and I don’t now Elaine Mai & MayKay – No Forever (Daithí Ambient Mix) New Pagans – Harbour HAVVK – Home Christian Cohle – Holy Trouble Fya Fox – BODY Sal Dulu…

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – November 13th

    While not quite as stacked as Bandcamp Friday last week, it’s been another stellar week on the new music front on these shores. Featuring Strange Boy, Sorcha Richardson, Magazines, Christian Cohle and more, delve in below. Strange Boy – The Pope Jackie Beverley – Sea Glass Christian Cohle – Drown Me Slow Sorcha Richrdson – The Starlight Lounge Magazines – Pink & Blue Echo’s Bones – KH Sprints – Manifesto Columbia Mills – ‘Car Crash TV’ (Ryan Vail Remix) Trophy Wife – Art Kayleigh Noble – Ride On My Own