• Stream: Danny Madigan – Bruiser

    Danny Madigan has evidently been riding a wave of inspiration as of late. A leading light in Belfast’s somewhat unexpected, yet fully operational synth-wave scene, along with Alpha Chrome Yayo and Transpacifica, his throwback craft betrays heaps of savvy and a full-blown recognition of the weight of a hook. Across six tracks, Madigan’s new mini-album, Bruiser, takes that M.O and runs with it – far beyond the stratosphere and right back again. Bruiser by Danny Madigan

  • Stream: Danny Madigan – Lost Shore

    You might not know it yet, but Belfast, of all places, is home to a steadily-thriving synthwave scene. Look no further than Transpacifica, the remarkably prolific Alpha Chrome Yayo and Belfast-based whiz Danny Madigan. Today, the latter releases his strong single effort to date.  ‘Lost Shore’ finds Madigan taking inspiration from his homeland, revealing that the song was inspired by, and written whilst sitting beside, Lough Neagh. Abstract, but somehow familiar, this new release is another step forward for the musician and the rest of his fellow synthwave artists, who gather themselves together under the mysterious ‘Club Arnold’ banner. Stream the single – and it’s…