• Watch: GODHATESDISCO – Incredible Technology

    A mechanical, foreboding procession into tremulous reverb and possessed of foreboding, post-punk pace, GODHATESDISCO‘s new single ‘Incredible Technology’ walks a thin line between Krautrock restraint and post-punk alienation. Never will this be better represented than in the accompanying video, just released. A veritable option paralysis of found footage, rhetoric and stock film, all overlaid and bleeding into each other, it perfectly mirrors the song’s descent from signal to drained-out noise, a commentary on the prevalence of tech. GODHATESDISCO releases new LP ‘Great Radio’ on July 24th via Little Gem Records.

  • Stream: GODHATESDISCO – Incredible Technology

    Melding estranged spoken word meets kosmiche-tinged instrumental psych, ‘Incredible Technology’ by GODHATESDISCO gives a subtly glorious glimmer of insight of what to expect from the Dublin duo’s forthcoming album, Great Radio. Grasping for unseen lucidity, marrying malevolent electronic dissonance with pulsating bass and Motorik groove, the track blossoms and simmers before expiring in a haze of noise and the fractured words of an anonymous female voice. Great Radio is released via Little Gem Records on July 24. Go here to help fund the record.