• Primal Scream – Limelight 1, Belfast

    Tonight, Belfast’s Limelight 1 plays host to the first of two intimate Primal Scream shows in our fair city, and by 8.15pm the fact that it’s a Wednesday evening hasn’t seemed to deter too many fans. Entering the venue, a decent sized crowd are pocketed along the bar and the sides of the room as the equipment is tinkered with for tonight’s supporting act, a DJ set from David Holmes; an appropriate opening act for the band, having both the coveted title of Bel-Funks first son and producer of Primal Screams latest ear bender More Light. As he begins to…

  • Go Wolf – Limelight 1, Belfast

    Having been on the upward turn over the last months, fast-rising Belfast-based band Go Wolf supported Brazilian’s finest indie rockers CSS at their Belfast show at Limelight 1 on Friday, August 2. As it so happens, our photographer Alan Maguire was there to capture the foursome in action. Check out our recent interview with the band here.