• Stream: Morrissey and Marshall – She’s Got Love

    Set to release their new album, We Rise, on May 26, London-based Dublin duo Morrissey and Marshall know a thing or two about the craft of classic songwriting. With a pop-centric sound conjuring the refined, harmony-driven quintessence of The Thrills, The Charlatans, the duo’s latest single, ‘She’s Got Love’, channels the more earworming – and decidedly sun-kissed – peaks of Britpop’s more discerning exponents, whilst filtering the influence through the prism of their own compositionally slick approach. We’re fans.

  • Watch: Morrissey & Marshall – Stand Down

    Set for release on August 26, ‘Stand Down’ by Dublin rock n’ roll duo Morrissey and Marshall is a track inspired “by those poor unfortunates (politicians) who tend to stop at nothing when striving for success… They will lie, mislead, instil fear and do whatever it takes to get the people on side, without any true regard for the people. This song sparks the idea that there will eventually come a time when we’ll come together, rise above the fear and use truth, honesty and love to start fixing all of the things that need to be fixed.” An admirable,…