• The Thin Air’s Top 50 Irish Releases of 2020

    In years to come, when someone asks me what The Thin Air was and represented, I’ll likely direct them to features like the one you have just opened. Much like other publications of our ilk – Nialler9, The Last Mixed Tape, Goldenplec and others – we spend 52 weeks of the year relentlessly championing what truly makes Irish music special and, very occasionally, genuinely world-beating. We all do it in different ways, and to slightly different audiences, but the impetus and desire to shine a light on what we have is one and the very same. Although they’re almost never…


    Featuring some of our favourite Bandcamp tags ever – “ringo starr, soundtrack, good life, ringo starr lower road, ireland” LIFE IS GOOD by inscrutable Irish noise duo SENIOR INFANTS is likely to feature on the Hollyoaks soundtrack any day soon. Marrying sparse blips and sunless splurges of sound with the odd melodic stream and percussive dance, it throws caution to sonic wind, expectant of nothing but itself in fine and mad fashion. LIFE IS GOOD by SENIOR INFANTS