• Irish Tracks of the Week – August 6th

    It’s time to take another deep-dive into a Bandcamp Friday and beyond with some phenomenal releases across the board, including big album, and EP announcements and releases from the likes of Arvo Party, F.R.U.I.T.Y., Sorbet, Hannah Peel, Alpha Chrome Yayo, smallmint, God Knows and beyond. Arvo Party – Cyclism Corpus I by Arvo Party F.R.U.I.T.Y. – F.R.U.I.T.Y. EP FRUITY by F.R.U.I.T.Y. Lukewarmdaily96 – Poison Apple Sorbet – Born Purple Let’s Set Sail – Toledo God Knows – Glory [feat. Senita] Teishi-1 – The Outlander EP The Outlander by Teishi-1 Hannah Peel – Unheard Delia EP 1000 Beasts x Toucan – Sugar High…

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – February 12th

    Here are the very best Irish tracks released this week, featuring Dani Larkin, étáin, Anna’s Anchor, Gavin Da Vinci, Daithi, Cherym, Teishi-1, Amerik with Gareth Dunlop and more. étáin – bone house Dani Larkin – Love Part Three Anna’s Anchor – Thomond Bridge Cherym – Kisses On My Cards Kisses on My Cards by CHERYM Daithi – An Irish Goodbye Gavin Da Vinci – Superman SUPERMAN by GavinDaVinci Teishi-1 – Haptic 3 Acid Break Haptic 3 Acid Break by Teishi-1 Aeons – Smile Amerik w/ Gareth Dunlop – Olive SHOCKS – Crocodile Tears Pretty Happy – Salami