Monday Mixtape: Ben Harris (The Dreads)

Published on October 26th, 2020 | by The Thin Air

Frontman of Belfast’s premier garage-psych proposition The Dreads, and would-be character in an M.R. James story, Ben Harris takes us through some of his Samhain favourites. Timberjack – Come To The Sabbat Sabbats were pretty much an …... Read More


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Irish Tracks of the Week – October 16th

Published on October 16th, 2020 | by Brian Coney

It’s safe to say it’s been another stacked week for world-beating Irish music. Here’s the very best of the lot, featuring tracks from Rejjie Snow, Caoilian Sherlock, Paddy Hanna, Arborist, Tebi Rex and many more. Photo by …... Read More


Son Zept-Press

Monday Mixtape: Son Zept

Published on October 19th, 2020 | by Stevie Lennox

Recently championed and playlisted by the likes of by ourselves, The Quietus, DJ Mag and leftfield DJ par excellence Avalon Emerson, “Northern Ireland’s resident electronic compositional polymath” Liam McCartan, AKA Son Zept has just released his second mini-album of …... Read More

Album Reviews


Róisín Murphy – Róisín Machine

Published on October 13th, 2020 | by Peter Comiskey

Much of the monotonous conversation surrounding dance albums released during lockdown – be it by Lady Gaga or Disclosure – dwell on not being able to hear it in a club. While it is frustrating to …... Read More



Irish Tracks of the Week – October 9th

Published on October 9th, 2020 | by Stevie Lennox

It’s only right that a week that gave us innumerable incredible performances at Ireland Music Week would also deliver on the releases front. We’re here with some of the best, including Loah & Bantum, Erica Cody, Tau, Ross Hamer’s …... Read More

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Pillow Queens – In Waiting

Published on October 5th, 2020 | by Christine Costello

Pillow Queen’s anthemic indie-rock has seen them gain incredible momentum as one Ireland’s most refreshing musical exports. On their debut album, In Waiting, the Dublin group take the very best aspects of themselves and craft a …... Read More


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Irish Tracks of the Week – October 2nd

Published on October 2nd, 2020 | by Brian Coney

It’s the first Friday of the month, which can only mean one thing: it’s also Bandcamp Friday. As ever, if you’re going to pick up some great new Irish music, best make it today. Here’s our …... Read More



Monday Mixtape: Arborist

Published on September 28th, 2020 | by Brian Coney

As a counter to my aimless life as a singer-songwriter, my wife works in bioengineering, researching the cause of pelvic floor muscle injuries during childbirth, contributing to the mitigation of the life-impacting disorders that result. In what …... Read More



Irish Tracks of the Week – September 25th

Published on September 25th, 2020 | by Stevie Lennox

Once again, it’s been a ridiculously strong week for Irish music throughout. Here’s the very best, from Post Punk Podge & TPM’s toxic masculinity takedown, wonderfully-constructed modern classic pop from Paddy Hanna, CMAT, Wyvern Lingo, Jackie Beverly, …... Read More

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