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Another Love Story


There’s supremely intimate, wonderfully cloistered, comprehensively unmissable small festivals, then there’s Another Love Story.

Taking place at Killyon Manor, Co. Westmeath across August 21-23,  the “weekend celebration of music, discussion, film, food and friends” boasts a line-up including New Jackson, Loah, Leo Drezden, Come On Live Long, I Have a Tribe, Margie Lewis, Valerie Francis, Ben Bix & Father, Carriages, Tandem Felix and many more.

Of course, being much more than a standard music festival, the real lure and magic here is in the one-off happenings and fleeting moment of wonder, full details of which will be announced very soon.

In the meantime, go here to buy tickets/check out the full line-up and see below for ALS’s “tale of all our hearts, full to bursting and splintered into a thousand shimmering pieces”:

Another Love Story is by day – a hand in hand walk in a lush summer meadow with your friends. Yet by night – the heightened passions, the careless whispers, and the fatal tenderness of a doomed love affair. It is easy time spent in a place that exists all year round. Not a ring fenced, rule laden creation of whimsy and fairytale. It is the real tale of the way things can be in a place with real magic in its walls and woods. It is the way things could be all the time – if we just took the time to care for each other, but also cared so little, that we just did what we wished. It is a chance encounter, bound by the unmovable certainty of destiny. It is smoking under the wan light of the moon with a stranger. It is stealing a kiss under the impossible weight of a hundred year old Oak tree in the garden. It is all our stories: the joy and the sadness, the triumphs and the losses, the right decisions and the wrong ones. It is the incredible detail of the people we know and the infinite potential of those we don’t. It is a total eclipse of the heart wrapped up in the most amazing natural surroundings, sparkling with soft lights, covered in glitter, carried on until the break of dawn & written in sleazy neon across the wall of the ballroom where a great heaving mass of night-time bodies don’t care about tomorrow, because they are together…

is the editor of The Thin Air. Talk to him about Philip Glass and/or follow him on Twitter @brianconey.