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Ciúnas: An Evening Of Quiet Songs @ Connolly’s of Leap, Cork


We arrived in early to Ambiguous Fiddle’s curated Ciúnas: An Evening of Quiet Songs’ at Connolly’s of Leap, catching a spin over with the night’s opener Chris McDonald. There’s a saying: the easy ease. Where everything comes together, eased into place. It’s when you nod and smile because you feel the vibe you’re after is right there, coming together, heading for the sweet spot. We arrived in and there it, the sweet spot, was: the artists – McDonald, Pine The PilcrowI Have A Tribe and Sam Clague – soundchecked, the Connolly’s crew set up; the candle-lit seating, the meet and greet and the room temperature. All the details attended to, quietly filling the room for a night of songs. Quiet is powerful when you feel it.

Words and photos by Jason Lee