Visual Arts

Exhibition: The Last Wilderness @ The Dock

The Last Wilderness is the current exhibition in Carrick-on-Shannon’s The Dock, and features the work of Cecilia Danell. The show is an expansion of a body of work shown by Danell earlier this year in Galway’s Art Centre. In this version of the work, the artist’s landscape paintings, which draw on her native Sweden and its neighbour Norway where she recently completed a residency, are recontextualised to reference Danell’s interests in film, theatre and performance based art. These interests see the artist present an experimental film shot on 8mm alongside her work – the piece is is screened from a small theatre set constructed as a plywood forest. The exhibition looks to query staged realities as well as “the relationship between cinema and dream and.. how the landscape can act as a metaphorical stage set for the human psyche.” 

This intriguing show continues in The Dock until August 16th, with full details available here. This year’s VAI Critical Writing Award winner, Sue Rainsford, has written a response to The Last Wilderness, titled and the trees, too, were melting, which can be read online here. There is also a video of the artist discussing the work during a walkthrough below.

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