Visual Arts

Exhibition: The Triadic Ballet @ VISUAL Carlow

In 1922, and a year prior to him being named as the Head of the Bauhuas School’s Theatre Workshop, Oskar Schlemmer unveiled his first major theatrical work: The Triadic Ballet. The ballet saw 3 participants (always 2 males and 1 female) perform 12 dances in 18 costumes spread across 3 acts. The dancers, akin to life-size marionette dolls, were transformed into abstract geometric shapes as Schlemmer explored modernity and the human form. The ballet was shown extensively during the artist’s time at Bauhaus (’21-’29), with touring performances taking place.

In 1970 Bavaria Film GmbH captured a colour film of the ballet with new music composed by Erich Ferstl – Paul Hindemith had created the original score. The Triadic Ballet has influenced film and dance, as well other branches of visual culture and thought, since its debut nearly a century ago. This recording and subsequent displays in galleries such as VISUAL Carlow ensure that this trend and the discourse sustained.

The Triadic Ballet continues in VISUAL Carlow until September 10th, with full details available here.


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