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Autumns – Suffocating Brothers


Since starting out some time ago as a D.I.Y. shoegaze/garage-noise outfit, Derry’s Christian Donaghey has refused to sit in any one place for too long with his ongoing project, Autumns, releasing and echewing subgenre records for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Over the last couple of years, he’s grown into himself, really finding his place with his most recent EP.

Finally, he’s released his debut full length, Suffocating Brothers on renowned Glasgow label Clan Destine after being written & recorded in the latter half of 2016. This material sees him continue to bring the intensely visceral Roland-fuelled rhythms of industrial & techno he’s adopted in recent times, melded with the lo-fi minimalist post-punk he’s best known for. In short: if you like your Cabaret Voltaire, Autumns has made no secret of their influence.

Released on September 23, Suffocating Brothers is available to order now, digitally and on vinyl. Stream it below:

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