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Doomed & Stoned in Ireland


Since its inception, international metal blog Doomed & Stoned has went to great lengths to appraise and give voice to the heft-inclined communities across time and space throughout its sprawling back catalogue of compilations, from obvious hotspots like Portland, to 70s proto-doom, to current day Asia. Incredibly, they’re all available on Bandcamp, on a name-your-price basis.

Being one of our most fertile and certainly overlooked creative grounds, it’s vindicating then, that no less than 24 tracks from all corners of Ireland’s doom, stoner & sludge scene comprise Doomed & Stoned In Ireland, the latest in the series.

Outright sludge-doom exports like Nomadic Rituals and Slomatics, who’ve played stoner Mecca –  Roadburn Festival – and beyond, are represented alongside cosmische space rock outfits like Wild Rocket, classic heavy metal like Terminus, or groove-laden acts, through to straight stoner-doom like Weed Priest and young upstarts Elder Druid – whose guitarist Jake Wallace designed the compilation artwork.

Stream the compilation below:

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