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Open Ear Festival Announces Stage Times


One of the most unique and diverse festivals in Ireland, set in the beautiful off-coast sanctuary of Sherkin Island, Open Ear Festival holds its third annual outing from May 31-June 3, and times have just been announced. From avant-garde sound design and ambient music to experimental dance music and groovy electronics, it is a festival that champions the best of the best in the Irish undergrowth. As a festival of forward-thinking musical technologists, it’s nigh-on-peerless in Ireland right now.

This year, the Thursday includes an opening concert featuring Dream Cycles, electroacoustic artist Roger Doyle and organist & drone artist Aine O’Dwyer in a hidden location on the island, as the festival develops to gradually incorporate more of the island’s georgraphy & community. Performing the Sleep Concert is experimental improv outfit Nurse With Wound’s leader, Steven Stapleton – check out this small documentary about himself.

Then, from Friday-Sunday, June 1-3, the extensive proceedings include the following producers, performers, experimenters & cross-media artists:

The Cyclist / Whirling Hall of Knives / Autumns / Lakker / Eamonn Doyle / Lerosa / Davy Kehoe / LAIR / Somadrone / Wino Wagon / Mikron / ¡No! / Robert Curgenven / From The Bogs of Aughiska / Barry Major Problems / Don Rosco & Stacks / Minos / Byron / Danny Deepo / Breen / Vicky Langan / Rainfear / Shane O’Meara / Eoin / Endrift / Crevice / Sectionfive / Now You’re Swingin’ / Little Movies / Flowers At Night / Soft Stone / Barry Lynn / Gavin Prior / Tuuun / Tonnta / Who’s The Technician

The organisers have promised further secrets that won’t be unveiled until festivalgoers arrive, but until then, here are stage times:

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Tickets are available here, priced at €165 for the full weekend, €30 for the opening concert, or €990 for a 6-person group, with tent included.

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