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Celtronic 2020: Together-Apart


For the last 20 years, Celtronic has been a vital part of the island’s world-beating festival scene. Uniting some of the very best names in electronic music worldwide with all Ireland has to offer, its annual, forward-pushing presence in Derry has been an unwavering joy to behold.

As with so many other festivals, big and small, organisers have had to think outside the box to make this year’s outing a reality. Cue Celtronic 2020: Together-Apart. Taking place online from Tuesday June 20th to Sunday July 5th, this year’s festival will feature over 100 hours of exclusive performances from more than 60 local, national and international artists.

Along with headliners Francesco Tristano, Move D, Gerd Janson, Eamon Harkin and Derry’s very own Or:la (pictured) this year’s bill will also feature performances by the likes of Boxcutter, Arvo Party, Phil Kieran, David Holmes and the Cyclist, as well as sets from Queen & Disco, Twitch, Deep Fried Funk and more. Check out the full line-up below.

A spokesperson for the festival said, “‘Nothing that we do will replace or replicate the beautiful togetherness and unity experienced dancing to the best electronic music in the world in a dark room with a massive soundsystem surrounded by friends and crew. We hope that Celtronic 2020 – Together: Apart will provide some joy and bring us all together while we remain apart.”

“Join us from your living room, your bedroom, your garden or your workplace, alone or with your family and a few friends, and listen and watch some of the amazing local and national electronic music emerging from Ireland, stream exclusive performances from some of our favourite international artists and check out some of the recently discovered mixes from the last 20 years of Celtronic.”

Celtronic 2020 is free to access via these platforms: Celtronic, YouTube and Facebook.


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