• The Record: RuggedWood

    In the latest installment of The Record, our photographer Tara Thomas both shoots and reports back from from folk-pop five-piece Ruggedwood recording in the studio. “Trying to capture the atmosphere of a band laying down tracks is a tough task but one I relished when spending time with RuggedWood in Nutshed Studios Clara Co. Offaly. I arrived to the rhythm of beating drums and made my way into the Control Room, which was pretty impressive. Here I found the members of RuggedWood – Johnny, Ronan, Jerome, Ted & Geoff – passing the time, strumming guitars, having banter and munching crisps, awaiting their turn in the isolation booth. The…

  • AAA: Enemies @ Olympia Theatre, Dublin

    For this particular AAA (Access All Areas) we met with Enemies and got an exclusive access into the preparations for their supporting gig with The Antlers in the Olympia Theatre, Dublin. Our photographer Cashel O’Toole spent the evening documenting them loading in gear, setting up, soundchecking and chilling out ahead of the gig. Check out the gallery below for more.

  • AAA: The Riptide Movement & The Hot Sprockets @ Empire Music Hall, Belfast

    We have a very special double AAA (Access All Areas) featuring two of the biggest acts in the country at the moment, The Riptide Movement and The Hot Sprockets. Our photographer Shaun Neary travelled up to Belfast and spent the entire evening with both bands as they prepared for their gig in the Empire Music Hall. Check out the comprehensive gallery below for how it all works out! View the entire gallery here:

  • AAA: The Minutes & The Vincent(s) @ Whelan’s, Dublin

    In this installment of AAA (Access All Areas) we go behind the scenes with indie gents The Minutes for their headline gig at Whelan’s in Dublin last Sunday night, with support from Cork’s finest death pop pioneers The Vincent(s). Our intrepid photographer Carlos Daly spent the evening with the lads as they set up their gear, soundchecked, setlisted, knocked back a few glasses of wine for good measure and put on an awesome show. Check out the comprehensive gallery below for a unique overview of the gig.

  • AAA: The Frank and Walters @ Cork Opera House

    Yet another Access All Areas feature? Sure go on! This time we head to Cork with our photographer Rory Coomey  for The Frank and Walters 25th Anniversary show. The guys pulled on their best orange shirts and rocked out to a sold out crowd in the Opera House. Check out the gallery below for more.

  • Track Record: Loah

    In this installment of Track Record we meet Loah – alter-ego of Irish-Sierra Leonian singer Sallay Matu Garnett – at her lovely apartment in Dublin city centre while she selects her favourite and most inspiring albums from her record collection.  Massive Attack – Blue Lines “I love the intensity of Massive Attack and their live shows bring the same incredible energy which I strive for in my sets. ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ really expresses the freshness of this album.”   Patti Smith Group – Wave After Horses – which needs a whole article in itself) this is my favourite Patti Smith album. She moves seamlessly from prayer (‘Hymn’) to poetry…

  • AAA: Blink @ The Button Factory, Dublin

    In this installment of AAA (Access All Areas) we went behind the scenes with Irish indie veterans Blink ahead of their gig in the Button Factory in Dublin. It’s been nine years since they last played at this venue, when it was previously called the Temple Bar Music Centre but tonight they’re here to launch their greatest hits collection aptly titled Catch That Moment.  Check out the gallery below for some great moments captured by Shaun Neary.

  • AAA: Le Galaxie ‘Carmen’ video launch @ The Academy, Dublin

    Last night Le Galaxie launched their interactive partnership with Pulse by Absolut at Dublin’s Academy with the release of their video for ‘Carmen’, the Dublin band’s new single featuring May Kay from Fight Like Apes. Le Galaxie granted Shaun Neary exclusive backstage and soundcheck access leading up to the main event. Over the course of the evening, Lorcansface worked his make-up magic on the lads, covering Mick’s glorious beard in shades of blue that would give Tim Harrington a serious run for his money. Le Galaxie were also joined on stage by Elaine Mai for their sleek Summer anthem ‘Lovesystem’. The entire night was a…

  • Frame by Frame #11: Tucan – As It Was

    Back in June, Sligo instrumental band Tucan released easily one of the more interesting music videos from an Irish act that we’ve seen in quite some time. We called it “gloriously messed up”, concluding with “charmed or abhorred, you can’t look away.” Two months on, Colm Laverty delves further, talking to co-director Bryan Quinn about the inspiration behind and the production of the video. Hi Bryan. First off, tell us a little bit about your role on this music video. Bobby (McGlynn, co-director) started the sentence “We should just film someone performing the song, like…” “Jonathan Gunning?” I said. We made the rest of it…