• Watch: Jetplane Landing – Beat Generation… Ha!

    Taken from their fourth studio album, Don’t Try, Derry alt-rock quartet Jetplane Landing have unveiled the video to their forthcoming single, ‘Beat Generation… Ha!’ Referencing beat literature exponents such as Gregory Corso and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the video features cut-and-paste text from the likes of Corso’s poem ‘I am 25’, poetry works including A Coney Island Of The Mind by Ferlinghetti and press articles on the literary pioneers. ‘Beat Generation… Ha! is released on December 2nd via Smalltown America. Watch the video below.

  • The Thin Air Club: Jetplane Landing – Don’t Try Listening Party

    To mark the start of the Thin Air Club downstairs in Belfast’s Voodoo bar every Sunday night, we’re holding a special listening party of Don’t Try, the incredible new album by Derry band Jetplane Landing on Sunday, October 20. Aside from playing the album from start to finish, we will also be spinning tracks from bands that have influenced Jetplane, some of their earlier material and many other great tunes on the night. The first FIVE people through the door get a free copy of Don’t Try and there will be mindblowingly good drink promotions all night. Awesome. Go here for the…