• Watch: Ryan Vail – Grow

    The latest in a string of wonderful visual accompaniments by the duo, Derry electronic act Ryan Vail have unveiled the surf-inspired video for ‘Grow’. Released as part of the forthcoming EP of the same name – released via May 5 via Champion Sound – the video for the track was created by the interestingly-named Spiceburger. Watch the video below.

  • Stream: Ryan Vail – Grow

    Derry electronic duo Ryan Vail (Vail and his other half in Katie Cosgrove) have long been one of our favourite acts for summoning a very particular sense of nocturnalism in their music. With a string of quietly brooding tracks under their belt, their latest offering, ‘Grow’, delves even further into the night. The lead track for the forthcoming EP of the same – set for release via the excellent Champion Sound in early May – the track is imbued with Vail’s ever-impressive analog renderings of self-doubt and enlightenment; a dual subject that he and Cosgrove have been revealing over the…