• Pre-Tour Preamble: Vasa & Body Hound

    Given our island’s reputation, in what now seems to be acknowledged as ‘the days of yore’, for independently successful rock bands of math and post-prefixed inclinations, it makes sense that mainland acts would flex their considerable muscles on our shores. Our so-called ‘island tax’ often extends to a limitation on shows from any less than stadium-ready musical artists and their ilk, but there’s a growing number of thoughtful and decent promoters out there working in synchronicity – many of whom we hope to feature in coming months – with the likes of Belfast’s Solid Choice Industries, Galway’s FEAST, Dublin’s Venture Presents joining forces, uniting the corners of…

  • Little Gem Records opens today in Dublin

    Dublin is getting a brand new record shop, in the shape of Little Gem. Opening today just off O’Connell street in the city centre, Little Gem promises to stock records, cds, cassettes and other various goods from independent bands and labels. Address: 5 Cavendish Row, Dublin 1.