• Muse – Simulation Theory

    From pollution and dirty talk to Harry Potter references and riffs straight out of ’90s Europop, Muse’s latest album, Simulation Theory, has the energetic, revolutionary spirit of an album that has no idea what or who it’s revolting against. Like many albums released by a British artist in the past year, critics have uncovered an elaborate anti-Brexit agenda somewhere amidst the circus of synthesisers. ‘Thought Contagion’ is one of the strongest tracks on the album – but that doesn’t say much – with Bellamy belting on about “fractured identities”, “infinite black skies’ and a society “bitten by false beliefs”. It’s so…

  • Muse – Drones

    Let’s keep this short and sour: not only the most aptly-titled album of a generation but easily one of the most soul-crushingly tedious, cack-handed things you’ll ever have the utter displeasure of sitting through. Origin of Symmetry is now such an inconceivably long distance away it verges on the positively mirage-like. Zero stars. Brian Coney

  • Stream: A Yes Playlist

    Very obviously completely unrelated to anything that is happening, anywhere in the world, pertaining to politics, nationalism and all things in between, we’ve decided to compile a ten-track Yes playlist, featuring affirmatively-inclined tracks by the likes of Tune-Yards, Mogwai, Elliott Smith, Beck and Surfer Blood. Stream that below once you’ve finished admiring the strawberry above.