• Morrissey @ Odyssey Arena, Belfast

    A man who needs no introduction whatsoever, Morrissey played the Odyssey arena in Belfast last night. In a set largely comprised of tracks from his latest album, World Peace Is None of Your Business, Moz also delivered storming renditions of the likes of ‘Suedehead’ and Smiths‘ songs ‘The Queen Is Dead’, ‘What She Said’ and ‘Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One’ Before. Photos by Alan Maguire.

  • Adam Buxton, Best of Bug – Odyssey Cinema, Belfast

    There’s a crucial moment during this evening’s multimedia shenanigans when an entire cinema auditorium chuckles in unison at the sight of a LEGO David Bowie explaining the inspiration behind his new persona “Cobbler Bob”. At this point the audience have fully plugged into BUG, Adam Buxton’s deliberately random selection box of music videos, skits and winding anecdotes about earache. And that’s part of the joy of BUG: the not knowing what glittery video or deranged cartoon is going to pop out of the indie rock super collider next. Essentially, what we have is an assortment of music promos glued together…