• Paris and the Spark of SLF

    Rarely has live music been so important. Rarely has it taken one of the most visited cities on earth, pulled it from the dark shadow that had been cast over it, and ignited a spark. The city was Paris, and the spark was Stiff Little Fingers. The events of Friday the 13th of November will not be soon forgotten. Eight extremists carried out attacks of such barbarity that it nearly brought an entire capital city to its knees. Being in Paris that night was surreal. Due to the randomness of the locations of the attacks, everywhere felt like a possible…

  • AAA: ASIWYFA w/ Mylets @ La Flèche d’Or, Paris

    And So I Watch You From Afar – or ASIWYFA for short – have set off on a huge tour in support of their new album Heirs. The lads landed in Paris with Mylets in tow, with a few dates in Russia and UK behind them and a huge EU tour ahead of them. Our photographer Tom McGeehan was there to capture the load-in, soundcheck and all the run up ahead of the gig and, of course, the show itself. Check out the gallery below for a comprehensive overview of the entire show.