• Video Premiere: Bokotono – You’re Looking A Little Rough Around the Edges

    Did you catch Electric Dreams last year? It was an uneven, but effective rendering Philip K. Dick’s warped simulacrum of reality. Know what’s not uneven? The new video for Bokotono‘s latest single, ‘You’re Looking a Little Rough Around the Edges’, which we’re premiering here today. Formed in West Ireland in 2017, Bokotono are a trio informed by the frantic, but composition-conscious heavy post-hardcore of the likes of Botch, Daughters & Fall of Troy, as well as peers like ASIWYFA, Alpha Male Tea Party & Gallops, with whom they’ve shared stages. As chance would have it, their Venn diagram has a not-insignificant crossover with one of our longstanding favourite Irish music collectives, the…

  • Stream: Mons Olympus – Critical Mass

    ‘Critical Mass’ is the debut single from Belfast’s latest riff-pedalling prog behemoths Mons Olympus and was produced by Mojo Fury’s Mike Mormecha. The track comes from their upcoming debut album Vampyroteuthis, which has a tentative release date of Spring 2015. Having been in the works for the last year, progressive trio Mons Olympus comprises Rory Dee, Luke Burns and John Quinn, the core members of Chocolate Love Factory, who officially disbanded earlier in 2014. ‘Critical Mass’ is available to download for a mere 88p from Bandcamp, but you can stream it below: Critical Mass by Mons Olympus