• Video Premiere: Zaska – Different Light

    We’re pleased to present the premiere of the new video by eight-piece Dublin supergroup Zaska. Fronted by Max Zaska, the band granted our photographer Tara Thomas behind the scenes access to capture during the shoot. Check out her gallery for more images and watch the video – produced by Stoneface films and directed by Jon Hozier-Byrne – below.

  • Track Record: Loah

    In this installment of Track Record we meet Loah – alter-ego of Irish-Sierra Leonian singer Sallay Matu Garnett – at her lovely apartment in Dublin city centre while she selects her favourite and most inspiring albums from her record collection.  Massive Attack – Blue Lines “I love the intensity of Massive Attack and their live shows bring the same incredible energy which I strive for in my sets. ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ really expresses the freshness of this album.”   Patti Smith Group – Wave After Horses – which needs a whole article in itself) this is my favourite Patti Smith album. She moves seamlessly from prayer (‘Hymn’) to poetry…