• Citóg Records Set to Celebrate Galway Music With Short Film Amhráin

    Over the years, Galway’s Citóg Records has established and re-established itself as an institution emblematic of what makes Irish independent music and culture so vital. Recently, the collective have been focusing their attention on Amhráin, a new, short  film created as part of Galway 2020’s Small Towns Big Ideas strand. Set to premiere at 9pm on Saturday, April 17th on Galway venue and creative hub The Black Gate’s social media channels, it will feature local artists including Eoin Dolan, Field Trip, Tracy Bruen and more performing new versions of beloved Galway songs by artists both past and present. Doubling as a tour…

  • Watch: Natalia Beylis and Tola Custy Short Film ‘Black Birds Slowed Down’

    Dublin-born, Leitrim-based film maker and musician Willie Stewart has unveiled his latest film. A visual response to a residency held at Glor in Ennis, Co Clare with artist, musician and Stewart’s fellow Woven Skull member Natalia Beylis and musician Tola Custy, the half-hour long Black Birds Slowed Down is a quietly compelling documentary, honing in how artists different musical backgrounds compare approaches and influences on music and creativity.