• IndieCork – Still, Life – Cork’s Lockdown Sounds

    As the world settled uncomfortably into lockdown last spring, the impulse to document and artistically interpret this cataclysmic moment was felt by many. Still, Life – Cork’s Lockdown Sounds is the IndieCork collective’s contribution to that global documentation, a 17-track snapshot of Cork’s experimental music scene compiled by Tony Langlois and Arty Pawsey. Compiling work created during spring 2020, it shows creative life continuing, confined to bedrooms and houses, with all its joy, fear, anxiety and beauty shining through. It is an eclectic mix, but a consistent thread is found in the electronics that pulse through Cork’s leftfield. The collection…

  • Watch: Gross Net – Still Life

    An outright highlight from his first-rate debut album, Quantitative Easing, ‘Still Life’ by Belfast’s Philip Quinn AKA Gross Net is a song that wrestles dark tidings and psychic pain in impervious fashion. With its creeping Numan-esque bass-synth climb and stark drum machine patterns, a perfect maelstrom of noise is woven across the song’s masterfully suffocating six-and-a-bit minutes. Check out Autumn Andel’s new video for the single below and make sure to check out Quantitative Easing via Belfast imprint Touch Sensitive.