• Inbound: Touch Excellent

    The only thing in Ireland faster than the church dropout rate seems to be the growth of its queer and trans punk scene, with Dublin trio Touch Excellent being one of the latest, brightest prospects in the movement. Featuring Amber Excellent on drums, Lenny Hennessy on bass and vocals, and Ló Boyle on guitar, they’re a political band in the purest way that one can be: by simply existing as themselves – and themselves are as full of wit as they are passion. Both engaging and engaged, they’re a direct product of representation. “A big aim is writing songs that…

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – 26th May

    From every corner of the island, here’s the very best new music of the week, from Super Extra Bonus Party, Caoilian Sherlock, Lucy Gaffney and more Super Extra Bonus Party – The Corpse Caoilian Sherlock – Teenage Jesus Teenage Jesus Album by Caoilian Sherlock Lucy Gaffney – Daydream in Tokyo Feather Beds – Saviour Saviour by Feather Beds HAVVK – Daylight Robbery A.S. Fanning – Mushroom Cloud Sasha Samara – Why Am I Still Here, I Never Learn EP Oba – Sequence EP Touch Excellent – Record