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Inbound: Touch Excellent

The only thing in Ireland faster than the church dropout rate seems to be the growth of its queer and trans punk scene, with Dublin trio Touch Excellent being one of the latest, brightest prospects in the movement. Featuring Amber Excellent on drums, Lenny Hennessy on bass and vocals, and Ló Boyle on guitar, they’re a political band in the purest way that one can be: by simply existing as themselves – and themselves are as full of wit as they are passion.

Both engaging and engaged, they’re a direct product of representation. “A big aim is writing songs that capture what being a young person in Ireland is like right now. Seeing bands that we can relate to was massively inspiring to us creating and performing.” They reference Pillow Queens and Sprints, and an inspiring moment during a Problem Patterns show where it clicked: “We knew we wanted to make art like that and affect an audience in the way they can.”

But what makes the trio immediately spring out is their humour – a trojan horse by which incisive social commentary organically cuts to a deeper punchline. “The humour and politics come from the same place. Cracking a joke is less of a coping mechanism than it is an instinctual first response,” they explain. “We observe the world around us, and deliver insights on what we see. Lenny will get some idiosyncratic remark stuck in her head, and write a song around it. We’re not trying to preach politics, we’re just trying to capture our own experiences. Hearing Touch Excellent’s music should feel like you’re having a conversation with us.” It does so, effortlessly, accompanied by dynamic rhythms and raw, scathing guitars.

The drip-feeding of singles ‘Houses’, ‘Record’ and August’s ‘Couch Song’ has been a barometer for the band’s progression in real-time. “We’re planning to release another single in late November,” they threaten. “More protest music.” Stevie Lennox

Photo by Monika Ruman

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