• Irish Tracks of the Week – 13th October

    Including not one, not two but several Irish albums of the year, delve into the very best Irish music of the week, from the Mary Wallopers and CMAT to George Houston, Jordan Adetunji and beyond The Mary Wallopers – Irish Rock n Roll CMAT – Crazymad, For Me George Houston – Vehicular Suicide Vernon Jane – Chestpains And Sidepieces Chestpains And Sidepieces by Vernon Jane Jordan Adetunji – Rock’n’Rave The Fae – bloodrush Zaska – Live In Dublin Stray Planets – Down a Hole up a Hill

  • Watch: Vernon Jane – Fuck Me

    Holy moly! Don’t you dare sit down, gang, this is important. Dublin Jazz-Punk (or, psyjance as they like to call it) collective Vernon Jane are here to kick the living daylights out you and your loved ones and teach you a lesson while they’re at it. Following on from the 2016 EP The Inner Workings of a Damaged Nobody, the group have returned with a vengeance with new single ‘Fuck Me’. The abrasive, merciless track finds the band channelling influences from the brutally hard-rockin’ camps and those of frenzied jazz. Band leader and vocalist Emily Jane bellows lyrics that demand attention and which grapple…