• Album Premiere: Whim – 400 Days

    Writing in the October issue of our physical magazine, David Boland said of Galway-based, U.S. singer-songwriter Sarah Di Muzio AKA Whim: “For a young songwriter to have such a sense of self, composition and trajectory is a rare thing. [She] combines these with emotional depth and charming, unaffected vocals.” A feature-length testament to David’s astute verdict, Di Muzio’s debut album, 400 Days, is a wonderfully woven patchwork of perfectly-wielded sentiment, lyricism and skilfully stripped-back musicianship. Ahead of its official release tomorrow (Friday, December 2), have an exclusive first listen to the album below.

  • Inbound: Whim

    Whim AKA Sarah Di Muzio was born and raised in San Francisco but moved to Portland “in favour of rain and indie Pacific Northwest music”. A visit to Ireland in April 2015 saw her fall in love with Galway, probably for the same reasons, and she has lived here ever since. At only twenty years old she possesses an ability to craft clever indie-folk-pop tunes, the kind that wouldn’t seem out of place in that particularly American brand of quirky hipster rom-com. In fact, her second EP, The Funeral Guest – released in 2015 – was soundtrack to a movie…