• William Basinski Set For First-Ever Dublin Show

    U.S ambient electronic legend William Basinski will play his first-ever Dublin show later in the year. The New York-based artist, who is best known for his haunting 2002 work The Disintegration Loops, will play Pepper Canister Church on November 11. Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday, May 14, priced €20.00

  • History Repeating Itself: An Interview With William Basinski

    William Basinski has just gotten back from running an errand. Sitting on the sunlit porch outside his home in Los Angeles, the setting, along with his demeanour, could not betray anything further from the melancholic, introspective shades of the music he has been composing for over 30 years. In fact, far from being the naval gazing artiste that one may naively expect a composer of such poignantly abstract music to be, Basinski radiates nothing but disarming warmth and good humour. Utterly forthcoming, he jokes about the dread of needing to move home within the year for fear of the effort:…