• Irish Tracks of the Week – 26th January

    It’s an absolutely stacked week for new Irish music, with releases including the long-awaited debut album from NewDad, MELTS, Alpha Chrome Yayo, PANIKATAX, Thom Southern and more NewDad – Madra MELTS – Figment PANIKATAX – Rejection Alpha Chrome Yayo – Last Repose of a Lonely Florist/Taro’s Box (300 Years) Home for Hitodama by Alpha Chrome Yayo Thom Southern – Hey What’s Happenin’? Wynona Bleach – Swim In the Bay Neil Brogan – Line Check Anamoe Drive – The Finder’s Keeper Lilla Vargen – Belong JyellowL – Judas Niamh Bury – Budapest

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – February 19th

    This week has seen new music, and long-awaited albums from some of Ireland’s finest acts, including David Holmes, Paddy Hanna, Wallis Bird, Clara Tracey, Fontaines D.C., Sinead O’Brien, Ye Vagabonds, Paper Tigers, Dirty Dreamer, Junk Drawer & more. Paddy Hanna – New York Sidewalk New York Sidewalk by Paddy Hanna David Holmes – It’s Over if we Run out of Love It’s Over, If We Run Out Of Love by David Holmes feat. Raven Violet Clara Tracey – Harry Clarke Harry Clarke by Clara Tracey Fontaines D.C. – I Love You Sinead O’Brien – Holy Country Dirty Dreamer – Piano 39…

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – January 28th

    It’s that time of year again, as many of Ireland’s finest acts release new singles to announce their prospective AOTY contenders, as well as a smattering of singles from exciting emergent acts, including the likes of the Thumper, Soak, Naked Lungs, Willhouse feat. GI, Wynona Bleach, My Tribe Your Tribe, Jossle, Rowan and Wallis Bird. Thumper – Overbite Wallis Bird – What’s Wrong With Changing? Soak – Last July Book of the Dead – Mercury At Greatest Eastern Elongation MERCURY AT GREATEST EASTERN ELONGATION by BOOK OF THE DEAD My Tribe Your Tribe – I Stay Quiet I Stay Quiet by My Tribe Your Tribe…

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – October 8th

    As well as a plethora of great singles from the likes of Whozyerman?, Silverbacks, Rory Nellis, Wynona Bleach, Cabin and more, the week has featured new EP and album releases from the likes of Silverbacks, Elaine Mai, Shibashi and Rachel Mae Hannon. Whozyerman? – Why What Silverbacks – Archive Material Wynona Bleach – Aubergines Aubergines by Wynona Bleach Rory Nellis – Strange Behaviour Cabin – Dull Aonair – Think Twice (feat. Caoi de Barra) Shibashi – Shibashi EP Rachel Mae Hannon – Like It Is EP Odd Morris – Silhouette

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – July 23rd

    It’s been another big week for new Irish music, with tracks coming from all over the country from emerging artists and established favourites. Dig into new releases from Wynona Bleach, Alan Finan, Leveland, Rachel Mae Hannion, Sprints, Lorraine Nash, Somebody’s Child and more. Alan Finan – The Dwelling EP The Dwelling EP by August XII Records Wynona Bleach – Drag Leveland – River Dunx – I Land At Sea Rhoshi – KRU.SSH Rachel Mae Hannion – Closer Cheesmore – Suffocating Lorraine Nash – Wolves Sprints – How Does The Story Go? Modernlove – Come Over x Somebody’s Child – Crazy