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    Cine Concert: Torrey Pines

    Irish Film Institute



    Animator and musician Clyde Petersen’s debut film, Torrey Pines is premiered in the IFI on March 27, accompanied by some live performances. Check out the trailer.

    Torrey Pines is an autobiographical stop-motion animation, touching on issues of mental health and gender identity. Recounting the time when 12-year-old Clyde, uncomfortable in the body in which he was born, was brought on a road trip across America by his schizophrenic mother, who had done so without the knowledge of Clyde’s father, who reported the child kidnapped.

    The event will begin with a short set from Dublin band Pillow Queens. Live accompaniment to the film will be provided by members of Your Heart Breaks, director Clyde Petersen’s musical collective.

    Tickets, priced €10, are available from IFI. The screening takes place at 8.30pm.

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