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  • Thu

    Marc Maron

    Vicar Street



    As part of a short run of European dates, A Few Parts of the World, the acerbic, neurotic Marc Maron brings his unguarded self to Vicar Street's hallowed stage on April 26 for the first time in almost three years.

    Plying his trade for decades as a comedian's comedian from the ashes of Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Lenny Bruce, he plies a believable strain of internal observations. He really only found his true audience in recent years by using his knack for wading through the bullshit and getting to the core of things with his WTF? podcast, which has hosted candid interviews from an unbelievable number of figures involved in comedy, music, film, literature, politics and beyond, including Barack Obama, Keith Richards, Robin Williams, Lemmy, Lorne Michaels, Kim Deal, Bruce Springsteen, and hundreds more about their lives, often drawing out broader truths.

    As well as a number of comedy albums, he's made two specials - available on Netflix - and his own Curb/Louie-style show, the excellent Maron, each of which allows his trademark vitriol and neurotic nature to infiltrate every aspect of his worldview. He normally turns that anger towards relationships, notably with his father, and the state of the world, but most consistently to the subject he knows best: himself. He's one of those rare still-living examples of the self-aware, yet self-destructive artist who brushes dangerously close to the hole  itself; while willing to broach to the void and report back, he retains the characteristics of a wizened punk or bluesman. His insight into the creative process, and how it inspires his own outlets has led to him being one of comedy's simultaneously revered, feared and infamous personas, and his newfound success on Netflix smash GLOW as a coke-fuelled B-movie director with delusions of artistry is one of televisions most well-judged pieces of casting.

    Tickets are out now, priced at €33.50, available from Ticketmaster. The show begins at 8.30pm.

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