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  • Sat

    The Dystopian Disco

    Spirit Store


    Dystopian Disco - 140718 - web version

    The Spirit Store hosts a downstairs Dystopian Disco on Saturday, July 14th. The DJ lineup includes We, The Oceanographers' Conal McIntyre, Just Mustard's David Noonan, TPM's Charles Hendy and Evil Preseidentes' Neil Waters.

    Drawing from the moods and modes less-spotted on the dancefloor, the night will lean towards vinyl, minor keys, and atypical riffs and rhythms. Expect high-calibre music - the likes of Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine, The Cure, Neu!, Brian Eno & The Smiths are a solid representation of what could be heard on the night. Whether it's in a misanthropic dance away of the pain, or sitting philosophically, the night promises a judgement-free journey through the psyche, as the artists would want. 

    Admission is free and doors open at 9pm.

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