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  • Thu

    Reception Presents: Eva-Maria Houben & Jorge Boeringer - Performed by Aonghus McEvoy

    St. Finian's Lutheran Church,



    On Dublin's Adelaide Road, St Finian's Lutheran Church holds a double bill of conceptual pieces performed by experimental musician and Woven Skull guitarist Aonghus McEvoy, by composers Eva-Maria Houben and Jorge Boeringer.

    2014 piece 'Talking To A Friend' by Houben, features a vocal performance with a tone close to speaking, and an instrumental performance with a speaking expression, in which the guitar becomes a voice - talking to a good friend. Houben, from Krefeld, has been composing for the organ for over 3 decades, and is involved with international group of musicians & performers Wandelweiser.

    'as blackmail, I have photo evidence that you can levitate (for Aonghus)' was written by Jorge Boeringer, an electro-acoustic musician, composer, sound designer and installation artist from the US. His work incorporates minimalism, intuitive performance art & American folk traditions through a heremetic, inward-looking psychedelia.

    Boeringer said of the piece: "Individuals must float above many limitations to be creative.  Limitations of the body are resisted through training and augmentation when not by sleight-of-hand, limitations of cognition and imagination can be broken down though exploration and the feedback from experimental practices, and limitations of memory transcended through the interactions of number and word that include notation, interpretation, and improvisation with word and number. I have performed with Aonghus McEvoy many times in different contexts and we have literally spent days talking to each other.  As a friend, he has helped me float above many limitations. He doesn’t make it obvious, but I have blackmail evidence that he can levitate." 

    Admission costs €7 and doors open at 8pm.

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