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  • Sat

    Blue Whale & Jogging

    Upstairs @ Whelan's



    A couple of our perennial favourite singular guitar-led outfits joint forces at the Whelan's Midnight House on March 2. Headlining are Belfast experimental rock quartet Blue Whale, who late last year released their debut album Process.

    Their cadenced, angular and atonal compositions tread fine lines between dance and discord, chaos and intricacy, with the resultant aural tension unique in its capacity to simultaneously provoke mental confusion and physical movement. Their sound has been compared to the likes of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, Television, Swans, Sonic Youth and Slint. Listen to single 'Shortbread Fingers'. 

    Also playing are recently-resurfaced post-hardcore indie rock veterans Jogging - check them out on Bandcamp.

    Admission is free with a comment on the event page, and the first act begins at midnight.

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