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    Elma Orkestra & Ryan Vail: Borders

    The Workman's Club



    Two of Derry's most ambitious minds, Eoin O'Callaghan, AKA Elma Orkestra and Ryan Vail bring their acclaimed collaborative project, Borders, to Workman's Club on June 27. The show takes place in updddspanning symphonic ambience to widescreen electronica; a confluence of genres and the country's foremost artist-producers.

    Its blurb reads as follows:
    Having both been releasing music independently of one another since 2012, the album is a project that has almost felt destined to happen. As two artists residing on either sides of the border in Derry/Londonderry, their paths have entwined several times in the past. Now, mirroring the spirit of the times — of grasping for unity and togetherness in an unpredictable, ultimately borderless world — Borders is a release that sees those creative paths meet head-on.

    Across eight tracks, from opener ‘Droves’ to the beat-laden outro ‘Arlene’, O’Callaghan and Vail masterfully blur the contours between contemporary electronic and classical realms. This breaking of new ground — of pushing boundaries and thwarting expectations via attention to detail and a joint penchant for analogue equipment — is what underpins Borders.

    They create a new continent of sound, a world where Borders don’t exist Though it was titled before the looming spectre of Brexit, Borders, as an album, encompasses much bigger universal themes about belonging in a world where division is more rife than ever. And yet, there’s a uniquely personal aspect that runs throughout the release.

    The show features video mapping, lazers, lights coming together in a fully immersive sound and audio experience.

    Tickets are priced from €10.35-€15.80 from Eventbrite. Show at 7.30pm.

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