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  • Thu

    The Bonk & Cian Nugent

    Yamamori Tengu


    the bonk nugent

    Two of our favourite artists on the island are set to play a show for Good Name at Yamamori Tengu on June 6. Experimental, psychedelic outfit The Bonk, centred around the compositions of Phil Christie, take vintage, twisted rhythm & blues of the 60s, blended with psych, jazz, and a bit of some otherness entirely. Listen to The Bonk Seems To Be A Verbone of our favourite albums of 2017.

    Sharing the bill is one of Ireland's finest guitar players, the Dublin-based Cian Nugent, who takes coastal blues, traditional styles, late 60s/70s singer-songwriters, jazz & the Takoma Records school of playing - think John Fahey and the likes. Both organic and tastefully virtuosic, his music is both playful and ethereal - check out his debut album, Night Fiction.

    Tickets cost €12 from Eventbrite. Doors open at 8pm

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