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  • Thu

    Shrug Life, The Deadlians & Robbie Stickland

    Upstairs @ Whelan's



    Famously witty Dublin indie rock outfit Shrug Life, whose immense lyrical prowess has them as one of our favourites on the island, headline upstairs at Whelan's on September 5.

    They recently launched their new single '2009'//'You're Such A Good Looking Woman' - their masterful biographical warning tale of weed-fuelled psychosis and the Joe Dolan cover that's been winning over crowds for the past year. Watch the video for '2009'.

    Dublin misanthropic folk chroniclers The Deadlians support - listen on Bandcamp - as well as Robbie Stickland, aka Spongebob Eyelashes - listen to 'Existing Is Hard'.

    Admission costs €10. Doors open at 8pm.

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