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  • Thu

    Francesco Turrisi [Solo Piano]

    Sonic Lab, SARC



    Turin-born, Dublin-based jazz musician, Francesco Turrisi's music is a hearty broth of styles, experiences and musical references. From baroque-inspired bass lines to evocative Mediterranean modal melodies, Turrisi can move from minimalistic grooves to all out improvisation without ever revealing the stitch. He plays Sonic Arts Research Centre's Sonic Lab on February 27 as part of the Brilliant Corners Jazz Festival.

    His 2018 release Northern Migrations features original compositions and improvisations, exploring Turrisi’s ten-year journey from the heart of the Mediterranean to the North of Europe. If a musician is defined by the company he keeps, then it is little wonder that the Italian artist defies easy categorization. Having worked with jazz veterans such as Dave Liebman and Gianluigi Trovesi, sean-nós singer Roisin El Safty, touring with Bobby McFerrin, and interpreting the music of Steve Reich (to name but a few), he is a musician at ease exploring pastures new.

    The concert is free. Doors open at 8pm.

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