Stream: Arborist – Twisted Arrow (feat. Kim Deal)


In one of the more curious, unlikely – and, let’s face, envy-inducing – collaborations headed by a Irish singer-songwriter in quite some time, Belfast-based folk songsmith Mark McCambridge AKA Arborist has unveiled his latest effort, featuring backing vocals from none other than Kim Deal.

Speaking about the collaboration, McCambridge said:

“The harmony part was always there, from the moment the song was written and recorded here in Belfast.  But it needed a unique voice.  Fancifully, we drew-up a shortlist of desirable candidates with Kim far and away top of the list.  So, we contacted her – as you do – and after a short period of silence she came back in early January saying, in so many words, ‘it’s done’.  It has been this relaxed throughout.

“Kim recorded her part on new year’s eve in Dayton, Ohio, working through some mild interruptions from a neighbour’s party.  She liked the song and, through the marvels of the modern world, had been swayed by some shaky footage of an Arborist solo show.

“As big fans of the Pixies and the Breeders for many, many years, we’re obviously delighted to have Kim involved. Though crucially, the tone of her vocal was exactly what the song needed and it’s turned out better than we could have expected.”

Not merely a fine piece of songwriting from McCambridge yet again, the release affirms the age-old adage: “if you don’t ask, you don’t get.” Amen.

‘Twisted Arrow’ will be released on May 4 on limited edition 7″.

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