EP Stream: Keian – Lia


Far beyond bustling venues of the capital and endless streams of self-congratulatory press releases, Ireland is home to some decidedly more furtive, sub-rosa artists.

Conjuring the intimate post-rock solipsism of Hood and Blue Aeroplanes with the wispy, inward-working bedroom electronica of World’s End Girlfriend, Lia by Dublin-based Irish-Iranian songwriter and producer Keian Roohipour AKA Keian falls under the aforementioned bracket, proving an initially unassuming yet very promising triptych of considered alt-pop.

At the root of the material is an experimental knack that transcends sub-genre which, along with the music’s altogether charming lo-fidelity, coalesces to deliver something that proves encouraging for future material.

Keian’s debut release, Lia was recorded, produced and mixed in various bedrooms across London, Dublin and his hometown of Rostrevor in Co. Down. Certain bedroom-based parallels can heard between the recently-released The Completist by Dudley Colley AKA Dublin’s Screamingparent, too.

Stream Lia below.

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