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Shot Glass: Three Strikes @ CQAF


On Tuesday night, Shot Glass theatre performed the second night of Three Strikes at Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, in the unusual surrounds of the Dark Horse Bar. A new concept in live theatre, Shot Glass bring edgy, dark theatre right into the pub.

At three discreet tables in the bar, the protagonists sit, waiting their moment, the crowd having to twirl around to see from which corner the voice is coming. From Mary Jordan’s effortlessly cool account of her unusual application of Brazil Nuts and her husband’s subsequent demise to Gerry Crossan’s delightfully bizarre rant as ‘Blow-Dry Barry’ the pub goers are equal parts aghast and floored by laughter.

The climax to the night comes via Julie Kinsella, as Marjory Cakebread, a washed up clairvoyant who finds out via the ghost of Joe Lindsay that she, and in fact all of us, are dead. It’s the best result and delivered perfectly. Three Strikes is cunningly devised, skilfully delivered and downed like a free shot by tonight’s thirsty drinkers.

Words and photos by Joe Laverty.

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is a freelance photographer and the drummer of Belfast-based indie rock four-piece Seven Summits.