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Visual Arts Outlook (27/8)

Bridget O'Gorman - Galway Arts Center

Visual Arts Outlook readers and lovely art enthusiasts, I am away next week so I have included several events in the Outlook that are opening next week so you don’t have to go without! In my absence, don’t forget that next Thursday is Late Night Art Belfast (Thursday 4th) so there will lots of galleries open from 6pm-9pm that evening. There is a good variety of exhibitions and happenings opening over the next two weeks across Ireland so I would encourage you to attend as many as possible and support your local arts scene!

On Friday evening this week at 6pm Rua Red in Dublin will be hosting the final event in their “Young Curators” programme. Approaching the Landscape: Artists and Curators Discussion will also be open to comments from the audience and no booking is necessary. See here for more info.  

On Thursday night if your are out and about in Belfast, pop into the MAC, Sunken Gallery to see the first ever film work created by Barbara Freeman. I’m really looking forward to seeing this video entitled Drifting the Bann, which follows the course of the river Bann. See below for other events happening on Thursday evening in Belfast.

Galway Arts Center – Galway
Bridget O’Gorman – Telling the Bees.
August 28 – October 3

Opening this week, Telling the Bees is a solo show by Irish artist Bridget O’Gorman (work pictured, above). The show features sculptural and new video work by the artist exploring the themes of remembrance. O’Gorman also works with clay and glass, exploiting the properties of the materials to portray flux, the passage of time and movement. The opening night is on Thursday evening at 6pm.  

QSS Gallery – Belfast
From The Br̶each – Dave Loder
Thursday 27 August – September 26

From The Br̶each is a Solo show at QSS by artist Dave Loder. The ‘R’ is scored out in this title to suggest that the title was, or could be ‘From the Beach’. While exploring ideas of cartography and mapping the artist Dave Loder will be presenting a multi media installation in the space of sound and audio. Loders work is rooted in text which he writes to accompany his work, not directly addressing his sculpture or installation, but rather setting the scene in which to view it.  

Opening on Thursday night at 6pm.

Green on Red Gallery – Dublin
The Burning Frame – Nigel Rolfe
28 August – 24 October.

Nigel Rolfe is a performance artist who will be presenting new performance, photographs and ink drawings at the new Spencer Dock Gallery. Rolfe will also be performing as part of Dublin Gallery Weekend on Friday 11th September at the Green on Red Gallery.

The event is free but booking essential.  

Art Box – Dublin
The Anti Room
September 4 – October 7

Artists Janine Davidson, Naomi Sex and Nicky Teegan approach the subject of the ‘archive’, while referencing such theorists as Hal Foster. By rebelling against notions like, values and conditions of existence, the artists present their Anti Room.  Curated by Hillary Murray the show opens on September 3 at 6pm.

Platform – Belfast
Chris Campbell Palmer 4 September – 24 October
Brónach McGuinness 4- 19 September (Project Space)

This dual opening at Platform Arts also marks the launch of their eagerly anticipated ‘Project Space’ where Brónach McGuinness will be the first exhibiting artist. McGuinness has worked as a studio artist at Platform for the last 6 months after winning the Platform Graduate Prize.

Chris Campbell Palmer is showing in the main space, with his exhibition titled Softening the Stone. Campbell Palmer will be showing sculpture, video and relief works challenging ideas of material manipulation and objectified reminiscence.

Opening Thursday evening at 6pm.

Household – Belfast
Out in the Open – Artistic Explorations in the Public Domain
3-5 September

The curatorial collective Household presents this three day programme of screenings and events concerning art in public today. There are various events happening throughout the city including, but not limited to, a bus tour, a house viewing and a symposium at PLACE. Please go and check out the details for this great event and listings of artists and practitioners involved. Booking is essential for some events so don’t miss out!