Watch: Girls Names – A Hunger Artist

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 23.08.41

With its wonderfully droll pisstake intro transporting us right back to an age of super-awkward 80s TV interviews, the video for Girls Names‘ ‘A Hunger Artist’ is a sparse, brilliantly realised, perfectly self-contained little no man’s land where their music couldn’t serve any more aptly as a soundtrack.

A highlight from the band’s forthcoming third studio album, Arms Around a Vision, the track is a sneering and gallant slab of burrowing post-punk (yes, we went “there”) with a payoff that marries Magazine and Gary Numan at their most utterly resolute.

Girls Names kick off another string of Europeans shows at Belfast’s Empire Music Hall on October 2 (also the release date of Arms Around a Vision).

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