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Premiere: Hazing – Nervous Signals (Soil Creep remix)

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Released back in February, Joy Void by Dutch/Irish artist Hazing is a debut EP that demands your our attention from the get go. Evoking the likes of Wild Nothing and Ariel Pink over its four tracks, there is a somnambulist glow woven throughout the release, conjuring late-night city traipses, head down, hands in pockets, driven forth by wayward thoughts of belonging and connection in a sleeping urban jungle.Two months after it dropped, Dublin producer Aidan Wall AKA Soil Creep has re-imagined lead single ‘Nervous Signals’ in superb fashion. Excavating beats and bleeps from the track’s placid fabric, it re-frames the track in such a way that the sheds the wistful nocturnalism of the original, forsaking the solipsistic ramble in favour of the spontaneous 2am house party.

You can purchase Joy Void via iTunes and on cassette via Happy Valley here.

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