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Sonic Whispers @ Whelan’s, Dublin

Returning to Dublin’s Whelan’s on April 17 as part of MusicTown 2016, Sonic Whispers will host three acts with the aim of “ripping apart the history, ethos, and the sonic boom energy of three wildly diverse genres of music.” With Ships‘ member Sorca McGrath AKA Wounded Healer, trad band Bunoscionn and rock three-piece Bitch Falcon taking part, the following is the self-proclaimed “playful, insightful and utterly unique” event’s manifesto:

“One band first. They play a tune. The next band is brought on stage. They’ve heard nothing so far. Then each band will try to reinterpret the song played by the previous band – the only catch is that since they’ll have their ears covered backstage, they will be relying on you to gives them clues and cues of how to play. What was the rhythm, can you remember the lyrics, how about the structure of the verse?!”

Certainly not your standard gig fare, then. Tickets for the event – priced at €15 – can be purchase here.

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